8 Ways CFOs Can Win the Gen Z Talent War

In order to attract and develop the next generation of leaders, finance executives need to understand how Gen Z wishes to conduct their professional lives.

As CFO reported, Gen Z, or those born between 1997 – 2012, are much different than any other age group interacting in today’s work environment. As baby boomers retire in droves and millennials climb the corporate ladder, entry to mid-level jobs, regardless of industry, will begin to go to Gen Z candidates. And much of the work to find and retain Gen Z financial professionals will fall on millennials as they move into leadership roles. 

And it won’t be easy: There are millions more job openings than unemployed workers and a shortage of finance professionals. Eighty-three percent of industry experts are worried about losing their best workers and in our survey, hiring was a top overall business concern. But there’s a lot companies can do to win the hearts and minds of the next generation of leaders.

In this guide, we’ll cover eight actionable steps CFOs can take to separate their companies from the pack when competing for Gen Z finance pros including:

  1. Offering flexibility and work-life balance
  2. Showing a clear path for advancement
  3. Offering as much autonomy as possible



Download the guide

Download the guide