Lean Finance, Big Impact

Learn how MANA Nutrition's CFO leverages technology to boost financial transparency and lower overhead costs.

The team at MANA Nutrition is driven by one cause: Ending malnutrition.

To do this, Chris Whitfield, MANA’s CFO must first fulfill the mission of the company’s investors to quickly and directly drive the organization to market capacity. However, as CFO, meeting the expectations of investors comes with boundaries. Nonprofits can face donor backlash if they become too overhead-heavy.

Learn how Whitfield leverages advanced technology to create a pathway for financial transparency and lower overhead costs.  

Explore our latest case study to learn how to:

  • Maximize business outcomes with available resources
  • Implement the right technology in the right way
  • Maintain tight controls on overhead regardless of economic conditions


Download the case study

Download the case study