CFO’s Ultimate KPI Checklist

Develop meaningful, trusted KPIs and reports using the step-by-step guide detailed in this webinar.


Event date Date: On-Demand Webinar
Event duration Duration: 1 hour

Narrowing down the right KPIs for your business is more critical than ever, whether you’ve been newly tasked with creating KPIs for your company, improving existing ones, or looking for guidance on how to implement a measurement system.

View this on-demand recording as Bernie Smith, author of KPI Checklists, shares highlights of his step-by-step guide. We discuss how to:

  • Ensure strategic objectives are clear for fully functional dashboards and reports.
  • Engage stakeholders, including developing a communication plan when sharing data.
  • Develop your short and longlist measures, including defining KPIs, utilizing reports and dashboards, and implementing processes to gather information.


Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar