How a Medical Testing Company’s CFO Managed 10x Growth During the Pandemic

When Impact Health's revenue exploded, CFO Jen Herdler navigated nursing staff needs that grew from 300 to more than 20,000 nationwide.

Jen Herdler Faced Impact Health’s Greatest Challenge 

From day one, freshly appointed Impact Health CFO, Jen Herdler, began fielding desperate calls from across the country. As COVID-19 spread wildly, the U.S. healthcare system was distressed and Herdler’s diagnostic laboratory and health services provider was on the hook. The company’s revenue exploded. Their nursing staff needs grew from 300 to more than 20,000 nationwide as nurses were facing burnout and risk exposure. And all Herdler inherited was a manual operation.  

By the summer of 2021, Impact Health’s revenue suddenly dropped as the need for testing and vaccines dropped off radically. Only to skyrocket, again, several months later. 

Herdler faced three risks threatening Impact Health’s long-term viability:

  • Explosive growth
  • Burned out nurses and competition for healthcare staffing
  • Inventory management 

Our newest case study explores how Impact Health was able to mitigate these challenges by integrating the finance team across all business functions.


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