Case Study: How Edgewood Tahoe’s CFO Saved 500 Jobs From the Ashes

Edgewood Tahoe’s CFO, Aaron Hartwig, led his company through nearly a half a year of near-zero revenue stream followed by negatively impacted cash flow. Discover how Hartwig’s leadership shined through these challenges.

Aaron Hartwig Faces Edgewood Tahoe’s Greatest Challenge 

With literal flames at the doorsteps of Edgewood Companies’ luxury resort following the Lake Tahoe Fires, newly minted CFO, Aaron Hartwig, faced a confluence of a CFO’s worst nightmares: a complete shutdown, near-zero revenue streams, and the potential loss of critical staff — twice, and in quick succession. Hartwig faced three risks threatening Edgewood’s long-term viability:

  1. Negative cash flow
  2. Employee retention
  3. Inventory management forecasting

How to protect cash flow during uncertain times

When unanticipated disruptions occur, companies can run out of cash — fast. CFO’s new case study highlights how Edgewood’s CFO used NetSuite’s Budget & Planning platform to curb staggering job loss and protect cash flow. As a result, the company was able to save 500 local service worker jobs and manage its inventory to house exhausted CalFire firefighters in desperate need of food and shelter. 

The case study dives into:

  • How the luxury resort dramatically increased forecasting cadence and accuracy. 
  • Why it needed a long-term technology solution to manage inventory in flux. 
  • How the company built a better relationship with its banking partners through advanced reporting metrics.


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