Interest Rate Toolbox for Small and Mid-Cap Growth Companies

This toolbox is designed to help your company prepare for additional future interest rate hikes.

The primary tool the Federal Reserve has to stave off the current inflationary environment is to raise interest rates. Following three rate hikes so far this year, the potential of a recession is an open question. Regardless of whether the economy contracts or stabilizes, CFOs must prepare for the rising interest rate environment with both a strategic and tactical approach. 

What should your company do to prepare for additional future interest rate hikes? This toolbox is designed to help you ask the right questions to create the right path forward.

The toolbox highlights:

  • The latest actions taken by the Federal Reserve
  • Small-cap and mid-cap company characteristics – and how rising interest rates could hurt each. 
  • CFOs’ available options when rates continue to climb



Download the infographic

Download the infographic

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