Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age

Learn how to elevate your leadership and be a champion for data science in your department.

Deep Finance is informative, enlightening, and embraces the innovation all around us – perfect for trailblazing CFOs ready to dive deep into an era of information, analytics, and Big Data.

Glenn Hopper uses a unique blend of financial leadership and technical expertise to help businesses of all sizes optimize and modernize. Not a software engineer? Neither is Glenn Hopper, but his story shows how any finance leader can embrace the tech innovations shaping our world to revolutionize finance operations. Accounting has come a long way since the time of the abacus, computer punch cards, or even the paper ledger. Modern finance leaders have the ability and tools to build a team that harnesses the power of business intelligence to make their jobs easier. Leaders who aren’t aware of these opportunities are simply going to be outpaced by competitors willing to adapt to the 21st century and beyond. 

Deep Finance will take you from asking “What Is AI?” to walking a clear path toward your own digital transformation.

Take the first steps toward a digital transformation and evolution to a data-driven culture. 

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