The 2019 Guide to Intelligent Planning

For decades finance teams struggled to build spreadsheet-based plans that allowed them to set goals for the organization as well as track results. But as they learned repeatedly, it’s extremely difficult to build a spreadsheet that represents the complexities of a business. Plan creators are forced to piece together multiple spreadsheets and rely on custom formulas and macros to arrive at answers. The result is a plan that’s difficult to manage and nearly impossible to manipulate for purposes of testing multiple business and what-if scenarios. Equally frustrating, spreadsheets prevent seamless input and collaboration among all key stakeholders, essential for today’s organizations.

But that’s changed. Intelligent Planning platforms – financial planning and analytics (FP&A) solutions that enable finance teams to build robust business plans that fuel strategic decision-making across their organizations. Built using modern (and market-tested) cloud-based technologies, this new generation of Intelligent Planning platforms are:

  • Built for Performance
  • Built for Agility
  • Built for the Future

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