Risk Management

Stress and Strategy: A C-Suite Guide to Scenario-Based Risk Management

While the current political environment suggests a relaxation of regulatory policy, bank executives should not take this as a sign that the risks they face are waning. Geopolitical issues, a changing interest rate environment and numerous other factors create the potential for the next downturn or financial crisis, and the C-suite must remain risk-aware and prepared to react quickly as events unfold. Here, scenario-based risk assessment remains vital in managing an institution’s risk profile and preparing for defensive action in a crisis.

Organizations must adjust their strategies to address disruption and market shifts and ensure they maintain appropriate controls and governance while doing so. Scenario-based risk management is a valuable tool to inform innovation and strategic decision-making — and it instills methods to actively monitor and mitigate changing risks.

This eBook will explore some of the ways the top-performing organizations are undertaking scenario-based risk assessment to develop and manage their business strategies:

  • Lessons learned from the supervisory stress test process
  • Bottom-line benefits of a systematic program for scenario-based
    risk management
  • Strategies for successfully implementing a scenario-based risk
    management program
  • Technological advancements enabling strategic scenario-based risk

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