Retirement Plans

Managing Retirement Plans: Why CFOs Can’t be Passive About Investing

When it comes to managing a company’s retirement plans, among the biggest concerns of finance chiefs is meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. CFOs are charged with mitigating risk and protecting capital, and they take those responsibilities seriously when handling retirement assets. Failure can have consequences for the company from a legal liability perspective, as well as for plan participants in certain circumstances.

This guide details some key issues CFOs need to be familiar with to effectively manage their retirement plans — whether they be defined contribution(DC) or defined benefit (DB) — including:

  • Why passive investments may not necessarily
    be the safest choice;
  • What CFOs need to ask about how specific
    index funds and the index to which they are
  • Understanding securities lending and fee
    structures of active and passive funds; and
  • The importance of effective communication
    with employees/participants.

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