Health Insurance

Immediately Reduce Company Health Insurance Costs by up to 7 Figures

LevelFunded understands that the lower middle-market CFO is currently upset with continuous annual spikes in commercial health insurance costs. More than 75% of the time these conversations are with companies who are generally healthy (in terms of their own employee workforce’s health), but those same companies are being “pooled” with many other companies that are much less healthy than their own employee population.

In essence, these healthy groups are helping insurance companies to subsidize unhealthy groups in the much larger “pool” of risk.

That said, given that “risk pooling” is making insurance companies billions, while financially crippling hundreds of thousands of mid-market companies nationwide, LevelFunded Healthcare feels obligated to explain the principles of pooling at play in the commercial health insurance industry today.

Download the following whitepaper to learn how you can reduce health insurance cost overnight.