How Financial Forecasting Increases Efficiency for Your Business

Is your budget a chore you complete once a year, or a valuable asset that you consult regularly and use to course correct as conditions change or new trends emerge?

There’s tremendous value to be gained by viewing a budget as a tool to monitor the health of your business. After all, budgets are forecasts of what the management team of an organization believes (and wants) to happen. To be useful, particularly in times of change, management must be able to quickly and intelligently make decisions driven by actual results.

This eBook looks at forecasting in a variety of ways, covering:
• Rolling Financial Forecasts
• Forecasting for: Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Income Statement, Workforce Expenses, Sales/Revenue
• Forecasting Technology

A manufacturing client of Centage told us he tries to analyze actual results against his forecast
on a weekly basis, because it gives his organization 52 chances a year to make corrections.

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