Embracing Change: Building a Culture for Successful T&E Automation

Whether migrating from manual travel and expense processing or replacing an outdated solution, a successful T&E automation project requires a solid technology platform. But technology alone won’t guarantee the adoption rates that will boost ROI, streamline expense management, and keep stakeholders happy.

True transformation requires a cultural change, which presents its own set of barriers. McKinsey estimates that 70% of change programs fail to achieve their goals — and outcomes have not significantly improved in decades. McKinsey and other similar research organizations point to employee resistance as the primary culprit. If a handful of people resist, maybe the problem is only with those people. On the flip side, if broad resistance from employees continuously hampers change initiatives, the change model could be to blame.

“While it may be tempting to do a ‘lift and shift’ to bring automation to the same process that people are familiar with [and will be less likely to resist], you lose 95% of the value of automating if you don’t explore changes to the underlying process,” noted Brian Kalish, Principal, Kalish Consulting.

This white paper will outline the roadblocks to implementing automation; the soft skills and human capabilities needed; and the benefits of a successful T&E transformation.

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