Supply Chain

A Look at Next-Generation Supply Chain Management Practices

A finely tuned supply chain function is critical to an organization’s financial health. For companies that lack actionable intelligence into supply chain performance and profitability, the outcome is potentially disastrous.

Senior finance executives need a clear view of supply chain operations, including insights into external and internal events that could impact future performance. The current uncertainty surrounding tariffs is just one example of a factor
that threatens to disrupt the supply chain and pummel profitability if risks are not planned for and managed effectively.

Modern supply chain management tools support collaboration on supply chain planning and execution processes such as ordering, forecasting, quality, and inventory management.

This white paper examines the challenges of current supply chain management processes and how senior finance executives can overcome performance issues and mitigate risk.

Topics include:

  •  Common roadblocks to smooth supply chain management, including siloed systems and disconnected cultures that impede visibility and collaboration
  • How improving supply chain management can impact the bottom line by reducing inventory levels, increasing fill rates, and boosting team productivity
  • Mitigating risk through better visibility and insights that lead to greater compliance and more timely decision-making to avoid potential problems that could shut down the supply chain
  • Best practices for implementing the right tools and processes to run a modern and efficient supply chain that contributes to the bottom line

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