Human Resources

5 Best Practices for Selecting a Healthcare Advocacy Solution

As a benefits executive, you might be asking yourself a lot of questions: Is our benefits package competitive? Are we winning the talent war? Are we creating opportunities that will keep employees from leaving for a 2% raise elsewhere?

And you might be losing sleep in the process, because long gone are the days when your organization could shoulder the cost of a differentiated benefits program, keeping co-pays and deductibles low for employees. Today, you’re likely walking a tightrope between employee needs and your CFO, who wants to know that you’re managing benefits as efficiently as possible and reining in an unsustainable medical cost trend.

What can be done? Employers are increasingly turning to new strategies, including concierge and healthcare advocacy, to help employees get the right care at the right time – improving their satisfaction, health and productivity while bending the healthcare cost trend.

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