Welcome (back) to CFO

Let's get started. Again.
Andy Burt
Andy Burt
January 18, 2022
Welcome (back) to CFO
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Nearly two years ago, much as I still do today, I was considering the wild trajectory that leadership can take in times of unexpected events and great crisis. When the pandemic was suddenly upon us in the first quarter of 2020, a cadre of people leapt into action, and the leaders we know best at CFO got busy. They got busy assessing, strategizing, planning, altering previous plans, and then executing to keep their companies afloat while much of our recognizable world changed, almost overnight. And these leaders then steered their companies through a multi-year disruption that lacked any type of clear established roadmap.

And what did we learn about these leaders from all types of companies, in all shapes and sizes, and in myriad industries? We learned the CFO role is far more important than it has ever been, and these leaders were able to transform and adapt in a way that set a new bar for leadership. 

The transformation of leadership is of particular interest to us here at CFO. While we have the privilege to document the disruption of the CFO role and the industries you reside within, all in real-time, giving voice to the people who were shaping the new landscape through original reporting, high-profile Q&As, and original research, we began to realize something was lacking. Or, perhaps it was something which was yearning to evolve. And so, as the role of the CFO has evolved in the past two years by necessity, so too has CFO. By necessity.   

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4 Powerful Communication Strategies for Your Next Board Meeting

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If you have been a part of the CFO experience for any length of time, be it the legacy print magazine, the CFO.com website, the newsletter, or past events such as CFO Live, you know we always adapt to the need at hand. A 35-year publication legacy to protect and build upon has that kind of effect on you. We constantly consider ways to highlight, inspire, and equip finance chiefs so you can perform your roles in an elevated way. More leadership, more success, more insight, more impact. Because CFO has taken so many shapes and forms over the years, we are acutely aware that when the needs of the future need to be met by what we can offer you, the moment calls for a new chapter.

Which brings us to today.

Visually, you’ve encountered something different when you found your way here today, January 18. The look, feel, and organization are different, and we know that matters to you, because that’s what you’re experiencing in your roles as companies fight to adapt to the new normal. But you also know that visual change only means so much if it is only superficial; what matters is what is under the hood. What makes the high performance machine run better than the competition. And that’s what we want to show you in the upcoming months. Because once again, like you, CFO is ready and prepared to evolve.

What is the same? You will still be receiving on the website and in our newsletter valuable original reporting, first-person perspectives, and Q&As with key industry stakeholders.

What is different? We know the terrain for CFOs has changed — because we talk to you and we ask you what is happening — and we too will change with it. In addition to all the things you’ve come to rely upon over the years, we are excited to be layering on top of it more deep dives into complex topics, more original research, more columns and series around the challenges you will face today and tomorrow, additional tools to add to your toolbox, events, training, and continuing education. 

All of this, and more, will become a part of the CFO experience for you. The community of finance leaders is large but should feel small, and there needs to be a dedicated space for you to visit, learn, grow, and share. We are that space. So take a look around, because it’s not just a new look and feel, but a new experience all together. The top banner of the site will guide you to easily access the topics and features. The layout will allow you to consume the content you want, on the digital device you prefer. And the resources — which we will be building out in the upcoming months — will give you a measure of unmatched insight and outlook. You’ve found the doorway, and we want you to come in and stay a while, and visit often.

As American journalist and historian Barbara Tuchman once said, “To a historian, libraries are food, shelter, and even muse.” There is rich history here at CFO, but it only matters if that history, and the stories we write in the libraries we fill here, equips us in the present, and then enables us to look to the future. Prophecy, planning and foresight looking forward and backward through time, equipping you to lead your companies in the uncertain days ahead.

What happens next? Be a part of this new transformation with us in the upcoming weeks as we roll out our new website, newsletter, resources, research, and more. And better yet, be a part of the community we want to continue to grow and foster, because the goal is right there in the name — we exist to serve you, the CFO, to be the leader of today, 2022, and beyond. The outlook is significant

Let’s get started. Again.