Required Summer Reading: Last Chance

The end of summer is here, but are you ready to go back to work? A lot happened between Independence Day and Labor Day. Here's our roundup of hot f... StaffSeptember 1, 2006

It’s back-to-school time, kids. But have you done your summer reading?

Will you arrive at work after Labor Day up-to-date on the world of finance? Did you keep up with the latest on backdating, pensions, FASB, and good old-fashioned water cooler gossip?

For your convenience, here’s what you might have missed between Independence Day and the start of the Labor Day barbeques:

4 Powerful Communication Strategies for Your Next Board Meeting

4 Powerful Communication Strategies for Your Next Board Meeting

This whitepaper outlines four powerful strategies to amplify board meeting conversations during a time of economic volatility. 


Check out our Today in Finance Archive for reports on all the companies that ran afoul of backdating this summer. And for more perspective on the scandal, see these stories:

Defending Against Backdating Suits

When Is Backdating a Crime?

What Backdating Means For You


President Bush signed the pension bill on August 17, but it may be too little too late. This week, DuPont became the latest company to cut its defined benefit pension plan. For more on pensions, check out our special report on “Pension Tension”.


The September issue of CFO magazine features a report on the Future of Financial Reporting. You can read it here on, with special Web-exclusive material on whether fair-value accounting properly values your role as a financial manager. And here are highlights of what went on in Norwalk this summer:

Fair-Value Champion Leaves FASB

FASB Pops the Questions

FASB, IASB Call for Lease Experts

FASB Votes to Revamp Lease Accounting

AFP to FASB: Define Cash

FASB Hoists Red Flags Higher for Taxman

Crime and Punishment

Lay Innocent? No Way, Feds Say

Lay’s Death Clears His Record

Worldcom’s Sullivan Too Poor to Pay

Sullivan’s Wife to Keep $2.2 Million

“NatWest Three” Head to US for Trial

Former Church CFO Indicted by FBI

Idle Chatter

Phony Katrina Claim Costs CEO $100K

Glassman: SEC Needs Lesson in Economics

SEC Drops Celebrity Pay Proposal

Yanks Beat Mets 4.51 to 4.57

Is Your Blackberry a Hacker’s Back Door?