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Proxies Show More Big CFO Paydays

Viacom; Ask Jeeves; Sotheby's Holdings; Jeffries Group.
Stephen TaubApril 20, 2005

Viacom chief financial officer Richard Bressler earned more than $6.8 million last year, according to the company’s latest proxy.

Bressler received a salary of $1.25 million and a bonus of $5.5 million, the same bonus he received the prior two years. He also received $96,560 in “other” compensation, including $73,555 relating to the incremental cost for non-business use of the company aircraft, and a car allowance of $13,200, which includes the value of company-provided car insurance and the personal use of car services.

In addition, Bressler received options to buy 400,000 shares of Viacom stock with a current value of nearly $7.4 million.

Elsewhere among recently filed proxies, Steven J. Sordello, the CFO of search-engine service Ask Jeeves, netted $4.6 million from exercising stock options and selling the underlying shares. His combined salary and bonus totaled an additional $396,000.

William S. Sheridan, executive vice president and chief financial officer of auction house Sotheby’s Holdings, earned a total of $2.5 million. That total includes a salary of $600,000, about one-third higher than the previous year, and a bonus of nearly $1.2 million, more than triple the figure from a year earlier.

Over on Wall Street, Jefferies Group CFO Joseph A. Schenk earned more than $2.3 million. This includes a salary of $275,000, the same amount he received the prior two years, and bonus of $725,000, about $40,000 lower than he received a year earlier. For the second year in a row, he also received roughly $1.3 million in restricted stock.

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