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Think you know where and in what form economic crime is occurring? Take our quiz.
CFO StaffMarch 22, 2016

16Mar_QuizEvery two years, Big Four accounting firm PwC conducts a global survey of economic crime. For the 2016 edition, PwC surveyed 6,337 participants in 115 countries. The good news is that, for the first time since the global financial crisis of 2008–09, the incidence of economic crime has decreased, albeit by a scant 1%. To learn more about the state of white collar lawlessness, take our quiz.

1. What percentage of organizations has experienced economic crime since 2014?
A. 22%
B. 31%
C. 36%
D. 44%

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2. The most pervasive economic crimes are shown below. Rank them in order of their incidence:
A. Bribery & corruption
B. Cybercrime
C. Asset misappropriation
D. Procurement fraud

3. The regions with the highest reported incidence of economic crime are shown below. Rank them in descending order:
A. Africa
B. Eastern Europe
C. North America
D. Western Europe

4. Three of the four types of economic crime below decreased between 2014 and 2016. Which type increased?
A. Cybercrime
B. Bribery & corruption
C. Accounting fraud
D. Procurement fraud

5. The economic crime with the lowest incidence was:
A. Tax fraud
B. Insider trading
C. Mortgage fraud
D. Espionage

6. Which industry was most at risk, with 48% of organizations reporting economic crime?
A. Retail & consumer
B. Financial services
C. Government/state-owned
D. Transportation & logistics

7. The industry sector with the biggest rise (9%) in the incidence of economic crime was:
A. Transportation & logistics
B. Aerospace & defense
C. Energy, utilities & mining
D. Financial services

8. What percentage of organizations suffered losses of more than $1 million from economic crime since 2014?
A. 5%
B. 10%
C. 14%
D. 19%

Source: PwC Global Economic Crime Survey 2016

Answers: 1–C; 2–C, B, A, D; 3–A, D, C, B; 4–A; 5–D; 6–B; 7–B; 8–C

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