Staying Entrepreneurial While Growing: Video

Mick Lamond, CFO of the Newport Harbor Corporation, tells how he helps the firm's highly seasonal restaurants continue to grow.
Marielle SegarraNovember 11, 2013

During the spring and summer, Newport, Rhode Island, is one of the most beautiful ocean towns in the world. The restaurants owned by the Newport Harbor Corp., an employee-owned hospitality firm, have no trouble bringing in business when the sun is out. Attracting visitors to the seaside during the rest of the year, however, can be a little more challenging.

As CFO of Newport Harbor, Mick Lamond manages the company’s relationships with its hotels and its highly seasonal restaurants, including the Mooring Seafood Kitchen and Bar, the Newport Yachting Center and Castle Hill Inn, among others. Lamond sat down for an interview at CFOs recent Playbook for Private Companies event. In the accompanying video, Lamond talks about how he helps each business in Newport Harbor’s portfolio keep its entrepreneurial spirit and independence while staying aligned with the rest of the firm.

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