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Study: Leave IT management to the professionals

If you’re thinking of moonlighting as an “involuntary IT manager,” well, don’t quit your day job. You might contribute to the more than $24 billion...
Keith ButtonJune 24, 2013

The Involuntary IT Manager study examined the adverse impact that IITMs—a term for nontechnical employees who are tasked with managing the IT solutions for their companies— have on businesses with 100 or fewer employees in the US, Australia, Brazil, Chile and India. The survey covered 538 IITMs, most of whom found that their work productivity suffered when their work time was diverted to managing IT issues.

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Of the involuntary IT managers surveyed, 33 percent said they were likely to shift IT spending to cloud computing, 66 percent were concerned about the security and privacy of the cloud and 61 percent were concerned about cloud reliability, Microsoft reported.

Here’s the link to Microsoft’s description of the study results.

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