Companies that are pushing too many ads may be in trouble, a manipulative press-release leads to fraudulent deal at Barnes & Noble, and an executive consultant is accused of insider trading at P.F. Chang’s. These stories and more in today’s CFO Roundup…


High Deductibles Spur Health Cost to Workers

A Kaiser survey finds increases in deductibles and premium contributions have easily outstripped wage growth since 2010.

>> Matthew Heller


Ad Blocking: M’m! M’m! Good!

Businesses that only work if they can push ads at people that don’t want to see them may be in trouble.

>> John Parkinson


Korn Ferry, Hay Group Join Forces

The big recruiter and the organizational adviser plan a “string of pearls” set of people solutions.

>> David McCann


Prosper Marketplace Buys Finance App Provider

The transaction unites online marketplace lending and personal finance management.

>> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Hefty CEO Severance Is Good, Despite Investors’ Ire: Study

Some departing CEOs get a big payday even after performing poorly, but generous severance more often prevents poor performance.

>> David McCann


Durable Goods Orders Fall In August

The 2% drop followed two consecutive months of increases.

>> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


SEC Charges Firm Over Fraudulent Offer For Barnes & Noble

“Manipulative” press release led to a jump in Barnes & Noble shares and “ill-gotten” profits for Michael A. Glickstein and G Asset Management.

>> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


‘Life Coach’ Accused of P.F. Chang’s Insider Trading

An executive coaching consultant with Panda Restaurant Group is charged with leaking information to friends about a possible takeover of P.F. Chang’s.

>> Matthew Heller


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