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A compilation of's articles from September 3, 2015
Kerry MarunaSeptember 4, 2015

Before you enjoy your holiday weekend, focus on fortifying your fiscal familiarity. Today’s roundup includes stories on interest-rate policy, General Mills selling the Green Giant, major cuts in retail jobs and benefits for pension plan holders. You’ll find all these stories and more right here, in the CFO roundup of September 3, 2015…


Fed Finds Wage Growth in Some Regions

A Better Way to Do Ecommerce

A Better Way to Do Ecommerce

Learn how Precision Medical leveraged OneWorld to cut the cost of billing in half and added $2.5M in annual revenue.

Latest “Beige Book” survey may fuel confidence in the economy as the central bank considers interest-rate policy later this month.

>> Matthew Heller


General Mills Sells Green Giant for $765M

The company anticipates the transaction will be dilutive to fiscal 2016 earnings per share by 5 to 7 cents.

>> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Retail Job Cuts Up 90% YoY

The retail sector saw the heaviest job cutting in August, with 9,601 planned layoffs reported during the month.

>> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Infrastructure in the Rich World: Building Works

An historic opportunity to improve infrastructure on the cheap is in danger of being squandered.

>> Economist Staff


IRS Delay Will Benefit Pension Plan Sponsors

The IRS won’t be adopting new mortality tables issued by the Society of Actuaries until 2017.

>> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Syngenta Moves to Cool Off Shareholder Heat

After refusing Monsanto’s merger offer, Syngenta plans to sell its vegetable-seeds business, which could fetch as much as $3 billion.

>> Matthew Heller


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