CFO’s Daily Roundup: July 9, 2015

A collection of's articles and stories published on July 9, 2015
Kerry MarunaJuly 9, 2015

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P&G Sells Beleaguered Beauty Brands

Procter & Gamble washes its hands of its salon professional, retail hair color, cosmetics, and fine fragrances lines of business. >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


IMF Trims 2015 World Growth Forecast

The IMF forecasts lower annual global growth in 2015 largely due to the impact of weaker first-quarter growth in advanced economies. >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


BEPS Tax Storm Is Coming This Year

BEPS, the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting plan, lays out actions designed to realign current tax policy with the realities of the global economy.

>> Joe Harpaz


CFOs Outpace CEOs in Pay Gains – Sort Of

Finance chiefs got higher-percentage raises in 2014, yet fell further behind on a raw-dollar basis. >> David McCann


PBGC Files Liens Against Times Publishing

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. requires publishing firm to post collateral for missed pension plan contributions. >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


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