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Best of 2008: Top CFO Magazine Stories of the Year

Behind in your reading? Below are the ten most popular stories that appeared in the print edition of CFO magazine throughout 2008.
CFO StaffDecember 31, 2008

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Future Tense

The financial crisis obliterated corporate forecasts. Now, CFOs struggle to assess what lies ahead.

Goodbye GAAP

It’s time to start preparing for the arrival of international accounting standards.

Secrets of Their Success

How the top women in finance staked their claims to the C-suite.

Why VSOE Spells Trouble

As software becomes more ubiquitous, many CFOs must now confront the nightmare of revenue recognition.

A New Vision for Accounting

Robert Herz and FASB are preparing a radical new format for financial statements.

Fair-Value Revolution

Historical cost accounting is fading as Corporate America marches into a new era.

WorldCom Whistle-blower Cynthia Cooper

What she was feeling and thinking as she took the steps that, as it turned out, would change Corporate America.

Auditor Angst

Want faster, cheaper audits? Your auditor humbly suggests you avoid last-minute data dumps and other less-than-helpful practices.

Can This Relationship Be Saved?

Auditors and CFOs aren’t the friends they once were, but they are working out their differences.

Offshoring Spreads Its Wings

From East Asia to Eastern Europe, offshore outsourcing is taking off.