Audit Fee Report

Does your company pay more or less for an
audit than your peers? Find out now.

  • Benchmark your company's audit fees against its peer group over a three-year period
  • Instantly generate a report analyzing hundreds of filings
  • Easily exclude outliers that could skew your analysis
  • Find out what auditors charged your peer group on average

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Data You Can Trust

CFO uses information from multiple filings to normalize audit fee data, excluding companies whose audit fees are artificially inflated by restatements, control failures, or auditor changes. (If your company has some of those issues, don't worry -- all reports include an analysis of both the normalized and full peer groups.) CFO sources its data from Audit Analytics, which is widely recognized as the leading provider of audit fee data to the accounting, legal, and regulatory communities.

Timely, Complete Data

Companies report their annual audit fees - as well as information that affects those fees (restatements, control failures) - throughout the year. CFO updates the data quarterly, and introduces a new year of data, typically in mid-August, when enough companies have filed to provide a meaningful analysis for the prior year.

Peer Group Analysis

Can't (or don't want to) name your company? Reports on specific peer groups (industry and revenue range) are also available. While we recommend you include your company to get the full analysis, you may find this option useful if your company is not publicly listed, or if you want to view an analysis of audit fees at companies that are larger or smaller than yours, or in a different industry.


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