Why U.S. Risk Managers Should Take a Hint from the Rest of the World

Let's face it: the ISO enterprise risk management framework used by most companies outside the United States is edging out the U.S.-favoredd COSO framework. Is there any point in clinging to the latter?

SEC Whistleblower Award Sparks Employer Fears

"I am concerned that the allure of rewards will cause whistleblowers to automatically take matters outside of the company," an internal audit leader says.

Companies Swimming in Water Risks

With a drought and other factors having pushed up water prices sharply over the past two years, companies are conserving and working with watershed stakeholders to lower their risks.

Bottom-Up Is Bad for Risk Management

Steering enterprise risk management programs from the top makes more sense because it can provide a better fit with a company's strategic objectives.

Reputational Risk Still a Top Concern for Boards

Boards are taking the peril of the loss of their companies– good names more seriously and are ready to beef up staff to help CFOs.

A Peek Inside a Forensic Fraud Investigation

As part of a conspiracy to profit from phony expense reports, a company's CEO relieved its honest CFO of his responsibilities for overseeing reimbursements.


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