16Jun_QuizIn the summer, music from parks, passing cars, and backyard barbecues fills the air. Of course, today, the guitar solo in Sweet Child O’Mine is more likely to be emanating from a Bluetooth speaker connected to an iPhone. Despite the recorded music industry’s struggles, it has proven to be supremely adaptable. Are you on top of the industry’s changes? Take our quiz to find out.

1. The global recorded music industry grew revenue 3.2% in 2015. Match the region with its industry growth rate last year:

A. 11.8% 1. Europe
B. 1.4% 2. Latin America
C. 5.7% 3. North America
D. 2.3% 4. Asia

2. Global revenue from digital formats surpassed revenue from physical formats (CDs, vinyl, etc.) for the first time in 2015. What percentage of the industry’s revenues did digital represent?
A. 35%
B. 50%
C. 60%
D. 45%

3. Consumers in a number of major world markets still buy most of their music on CDs and vinyl. In which country do physical formats still make up 75% of recorded music industry revenues?
A. Germany
C. United Kingdom
D. Japan
E. Mexico

4. Song streaming services have become one of the most popular ways consumers listen to music in the U.S. What percentage of global recorded music revenues did they represent in 2015?
A. 38%
B. 9%
C. 19%
D. 28%
E. 35%

5. What song was the most streamed on Spotify for 2016, as of May 18?
A. This is What You Came For — Calvin Harris
B. Panda — Desiigner
C. Work — Rihanna
D. NO — Meghan Trainor
E. One Dance — Drake

6. What song is the best-selling single of all time on iTunes, with more than 15 million units sold?
A. Just Dance — Lady Gaga
B. Viva La Vida — Coldplay
C. Don’t Stop Believing — Journey
D. I Gotta Feeling — Black Eyed Peas
E. Single Ladies — Beyonce

Sources: Global Music Report, IFPI; Spotify

Answers: (1) A-2, B-3, C-4, D-1; (2) D; (3) D; (4) C; (5) E; (6) D

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