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The Most-Read CFO Stories of 2021

The 10 CFO stories that finance executives found the most compelling this year.
Vincent RyanDecember 20, 2021

Which of the more than 700 stories we published in 2021 are worth a second read? The following 10 definitely fit into that category. Dealing with everything from FP&A and remote work to cloud costs and CFO job-hopping, they were our most popular articles of the past 12 months.

CFOs Want FP&A to Marshal Value Creation

FP&A teams should spend less time explaining the numbers and more time working with the business to manage them.

Metric Matters: Five CFOs and the Numbers They Track

Which performance indicators are companies keying on this year? Five finance chiefs reveal the metrics encapsulating their strategic goals.

FASB Chair Jones Looks Ahead

Richard R. Jones gives his perspective on cryptocurrencies, climate risk disclosures, and possible goodwill accounting changes.

Remote Workers Alter State Taxes

States such as Texas and Florida that have no individual income taxes could become havens for remote workers.

10 Vital Roles for CFOs

To ascend to (and remain in) the office of CFO and be great at the job, you will have to master these responsibilities.

Will Cryptocurrencies Play By the Rules?

Institutional interest in Bitcoin may finally force regulators to come to terms with digital money.

Special Report: Controlling Cloud Costs

Keeping a lid on cloud-based services spending requires vigilance and attention to detail.

CFO Job Hopping: How Much is Too Much

Job-hopping brings risks, among them ‘job trajectory impairment’ and a negative perception of the person’s professional judgment.

Supply Pain

The onset of the pandemic reduced the global flow of goods. But when demand suddenly snapped back, supply chains proved less resilient.

The Skill That Can Make or Break a CFOs Career

Successful CFOs can deliver compelling financial presentations. Here’s how.

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