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What Do You Make of the Dow’s Drop?

Take our minute survey about the latest economic headlines and see how your opinion stacks up against those of your peers.
Scott LeibsAugust 8, 2011

Just when it seemed the Dow might crest 13,000, a series of unfortunate events in Washington, Europe, and elsewhere sent global stock markets tumbling.  That’s good news if you’re a cable news commentator, because chattering away about a tepid recovery gets old fast. It’s also good news if you’re a presidential candidate, because not only do you get to fulminate about Washington’s missteps, but you get to riff on fresh remarks from President Obama regarding the country’s “eminently solvable” economic problems that require only “common sense and compromise.” (To be clear, Obama did not use the word “only” to modify “common sense and compromise” but I left out the badly needed ironic quotation marks around “only” so as not to confuse his actual quotes.)

As a public service, we’d like to add some sane voices to the chorus: yours.  We’ve created a very brief, five-question survey on the current state of the Dow and the factors that are driving it down. What do you, as financial professionals, think about the past two weeks on Wall Street, and what the Dow’s drop means for the economy going forward? Please give us one minute (literally!) of your time, and we’ll report the full results tomorrow. 

You’ll find the survey here:

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CFO Insights on Inflation, Workforce Challenges, and Future Plans 

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