There is no doubt that executives want their employees to have a positive experience. According to research from Deloitte, 84% of business leaders rate employee experience as important, and nearly one third (28%) say it is one of the top three most urgent issues facing their organizations.

The desire to provide a great employee experience isn’t something that can be satisfied solely by espresso bars and meditation pods. While those perks are nice, organizations that focus on making their everyday work lives less stressful through consumer-like enterprise technology have a happier workforce.

For the finance team, happiness involves relieving them of some of the routine and time-consuming tasks, especially those around the close process.

Providing a Better Experience Pays Dividends

CFOs are numbers-oriented by nature, so they pay attention when they see that better experience leads to better engagement, which translates to improved productivity, retention and, ultimately, revenue.

Better workflow also pays dividends in more engaged employees. Finance and accounting teams deal with the effects of fragmented processes, so anything that can be done to provide a more seamless approach is welcome.

Ting Jiang, a senior revenue accountant at ServiceNow, recalls the days before workflow automation.  “We did our work on spreadsheets, over email, in our internal ServiceNow instance and in the ERP, all of these separate systems,” she says. “Now everything is done in one system.”

Talking the Talk

To provide a better work environment, CFOs need to prioritize automation. The good news is that many progressive organizations are well on their way providing a better employee experience. According to ServiceNow’s “Today’s State of Work: At the Breaking Point,” report, a majority of organizations have introduced advanced automation in their workplace. In fact, nearly half of executives surveyed say that they’ll require it more broadly to cope with rising work volumes.

When employees are empowered to work more efficiently, they can find more time for fun outside of work. ServiceNow’s Finance Close Automation, for instance, helps finance and accountants confidently complete a close days earlier in each cycle, allowing employees to clear their minds and schedules for greater work-life balance.

For more information about how ServiceNow’s technology can result in happier workers, download this white paper.