For years, two of the biggest investments companies have had to manage are human capital and capital expenses. It’s easy at first glance to see them as two distinctly different expenses on the balance sheet – one in the form of wages and recruiting costs, the other in real estate and office furniture. But smart companies have realized that the two can actually affect each other and that together they can help save money.

It comes down to investing in an active workspace that people want to work in – one that drives collaboration, enhances culture, and positively impacts productivity. With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day, Millennials are now the largest generation in the labor force (exceeding 56 million workers), and with them come new expectations for employers. They want a collaborative work environment that supports their health and well-being. In fact, 66 percent of millennials said they would quit their job in part because it’s not collaborative.

“We’ve heard from companies all over the world that they are better able to recruit and retain the best talent by creating an office that helps employees be happier, healthier, and more productive,” says Jason McCann, VARIDESK CEO. With the rise in popularity of standing desks like VARIDESK, it’s not uncommon to see job postings where companies list standing desks and an active office as a perk.

Reduced recruiting costs aren’t the only financial benefit of an active workspace. Movement — from a stroll around the office to sit-stand workstations that increase energy — can help improve circulation, mental health and capacity, chronic back problems, cardiovascular performance, and more. A healthier workforce that’s less likely to call in sick can have an effect on the company’s healthcare costs.

Investment in an active workspace also pays off over the long term in the form of reduced labor costs for installation and reconfiguration. “The old way of doing things was to build a space with a lot of sheetrock and systems furniture, but it was expensive to move and change,” McCann continues. “That’s why we designed our line of office furniture to set up in minutes and easily reconfigure as your business needs change. And with our transparent pricing, there are no hidden costs.”

With a flexible solution that grows with your business and eliminates the additional costs that come with simply adding workstations to your office floorplan, you can lower the overall cost of owning office furniture. This also means you can update your office design when you want to freshen up your environment for Millennial employees who are continually seeking change. A solution like VARIDESK can give you the freedom to add contract-quality, sit-stand workspaces, casual meeting areas, and even complete conference rooms, so you can evolve your workspace design over time.

McCann also says, “We hear from companies that their employees appreciate an environment that reflects their values and active lifestyle. Your workspace matters and it can have a positive effect on your company culture.” While it might not be immediately visible, the right investment in your workspace is reflected in your team’s health and productivity, and your company’s ability to attract talent. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, companies are trying to cut costs, streamline operations, and be more efficient. The active workspace and VARIDESK give them a way to take the complexity out of the process without sacrificing anything. In fact, it’s an addition that can show up on the bottom line, if you know where to look for it.

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