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Judge Tells Skilling to Dry Out

Former Enron CEO must also find a productive use for more of his time.
Stephen TaubMay 11, 2004

A federal judge has ordered former Enron Corp. chief executive officer Jeff Skilling to stop drinking alcohol and to undergo alcohol dependency treatment, according to Reuters.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Frances Stacy also put Skilling on a curfew and ordered him either to find a full-time job or to perform community service on a regular basis, added the wire service.

These behavior restrictions are part of Skilling’s punishment for his bizarre late-night behavior in New York City last month. They were handed down during a hearing over the conditions of his $5 million bond, according to the report.

Prosecutors had asked the judge to impose even stricter restrictions on Skilling, such as lifting his bond by $2 million, setting a midnight curfew, and restricting his travel to Texas. Currently, he can travel within the continental United States, according to Reuters.

Stacy did agree to the curfew, but he allowed federal pretrial-services workers, who are in charge of monitoring Skilling, to decide exactly when will be enforced. “Personally, I can’t imagine what good things would happen outside of your home between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m.,” the judge reportedly told Skilling.

One of Skilling’s attorneys, Ron Woods, said that the former Enron CEO has a “full-time job” helping prepare his defense and guiding his lawyers through 120 million pages of records, according to the wire service. “We really need his time when he’s not asleep,” Woods reportedly told the judge.