Special Edition Step-by-Step KPI Checklist

Use this practical how-to guide with templates included to target your company's KPIs.

One of the things that has become very clear, no matter what the industry, is that businesses that don’t have a clear idea of what they’re trying to improve invariably get disappointing results.

It may seem that KPIs are something that you should just be able to pick up off-the-shelf and use, like a piece of software or a template. The truth is that KPIs are a detailed representation of your specific business and of your aspirations for your business.

Therefore, it’s essential to select KPIs that align with your specific company’s goals. Their value expands further when businesses consider them in combination with other meaningful KPIs in a dashboard, creating a more complete view of a company’s core operations.

Get started developing meaningful KPIs to help you:

  • Quantify your measurement with KPIs that gauge your company’s performance towards its goals. 
  • Create at the strategic, operational, and organizational levels, as well as for specific teams, projects, and individuals.
  • Select KPIs that align with business goals and actively monitor and report progress.
  • Automate KPI reports and dashboards to keep stakeholders aligned.


Download the guide

Download the guide