5 Supply Chain Improvements CFOs Must Make Now

Learn how the CFO's partnership with supply chain managers can address current and future pain points.

According to a February 2022 CFO survey by accounting and advisory firm BDO, 84% of CFOs identified supply chain disruptions as their top concern for 2022.

Today’s CFOs exist in an increasingly pressured environment and must pull from a dynamic mix of advanced technology, hard-earned financial wisdom, and integrated supply chain teamwork. To succeed, the CFO and the supply chain managers must get together and align to develop strategies inspired by the company vision and use it to strengthen the economic model.

This whitepaper highlights five of the most critical conversations CFOs and supply chain managers must have – now. We’ll also cover:

  • Why there’s more to the supply chain relationship than price
  • The importance of evaluating the risks of all suppliers
  • How to use the right technology to deliver supply chain agility and desired ROI
  • Ways to evaluate a supply chain’s ability to satisfy projected growth




Download the whitepaper

Download the whitepaper