Risk Management

The (R)evolution of Risk Management

In many respects, the role of the modern finance team has been elevated to new heights. Finance leaders are now accountable for and involved in a gamut of activities ranging from the detailed, tactical reporting that finance has always been responsible for to the overarching strategic direction of the business. At once charged with helping to grow the business profitably and the management of an ever-increasing array of risks, it’s clear that both the responsibilities and the charter of the team have expanded in scope and in complexity.

It’s hard to escape from the hype surrounding all the possibilities available to finance leaders to help manage their organizational risk. We hear almost daily of new use cases and developments in technology, data, and tools such as machine learning, robotic process automation, and cloudbased systems to manage risk. Many finance teams have begun implementing machine and data-based approaches to simplifying and strategizing their workflows to improve outcomes and free up resources for strategic action. And from what we can tell, leaders at the top are extremely excited by the possibilities of these tools.

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