Business Performance Management

Ownership and Accountability: Key Strategies to Empower Autonomy in Your Business Right Now

No one wants to be micromanaged, or be a micromanager—but managers are held accountable for completion of work, and if the work isn’t being done, micromanaging becomes the default management style.

A more highly engaging and productive approach is to create a culture of accountability.

A 2015 Workplace Accountability Study revealed that 82% of respondents have no ability to hold others accountable—but 91% of people rank accountability as one of the top development needs they’d like to see at their organization.

Mark Samuel, author of The Accountability Revolution, suggests that accountability can result in increased synergy, a safe climate for experimentation and change, and improved solutions because people feel supported and trusted.

All of these can in turn create higher employee morale and engagement.

So how do you create a culture of ownership and accountability in your organization today?

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