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How Data Can Keep You One Move Ahead of the Competition

In the early days of humans versus computers in chess, we humans routinely won. Those chess-playing programs were rudimentary by today’s standards. Chess-game programmers became better and eventually grandmasters, including the world champion, lost to computers.

Then a funny thing happened. In 2005, a team of two amateur players entered an online tournament that placed few restrictions on play. Computers were among the contestants. Grandmasters, too. But the amateur team had an edge over its competitors’ digital and human brains: special software they developed to help them play against computers, plus a methodology that helped them determine when to rely on their computer’s advice and when to favor their brainpower.

The analogous question for your business is this. How can your company get a winning edge by combining the power of data analytics with brainpower? It’s a question you could apply to nearly any area of your business. Here are three areas where your company stands to benefit the most from a smart-data plus smart-human approach.