Cloud-Based Technology

Benefits of Cloud Innovation For the Finance Team

Finance has long relied on spreadsheets and legacy systems for their operations, but siloed business processes don’t meet the needs of modern organizations that require collaborative decision-making and efficient data analysis. Disparate systems also limit visibility, so it’s much harder to obtain the necessary insights to drive productivity and growth.

Today’s finance leaders are faced with challenges and opportunities as they work to confidently deliver strategic direction across their organizations.

Robust cloud-based ERP solutions for finance and HR, provide the operational efficiency, agility, and collaborative requirements of a growing business. That reality has sparked many organizations to migrate critical business functions to the cloud.

This eBook will examine the benefits of a cloud-based solution that serves multiple organizational functions:

  • The value of cloud for budgeting and forecasting, including reducing manual rekeying of data in multiple systems and the ability to gain a complete picture of the business without juggling multiple data sets and wasting time on reconciliation and reporting
  • How a unified, cloud-based ERP system helps the finance and HR functions collaborate more closely, providing one platform to support planning, execution, and analysis of business strategies and their impact on staffing, resources, and the bottom line
  • Why a single version of the truth can ensure data is accurate, timely and readily accessible to all relevant stakeholders
  • Strategies for migrating to a cloud-based solution to gain greater insight into the financial and organizational health of the company, swiftly react to change, and more confidently forecast the future

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