Analytics Accelerates Into the Mainstream

Can you accelerate? When analytics mainstreams in your business, will you be ready?

When technology shifts occur, they tend to happen faster than anyone expected. Enterprise Analytics Implementation has shifted from a key strategic initiative to an absolute competitive imperative. As analytics becomes a competitive differentiator, companies can find themselves vulnerable in critical areas. It is no longer enough to champion sophisticated data and analytic strategies to the C-Suite. Executives must invest in the people, processes, and technologies that empower improvements in processes, management cadences, and decision-making frameworks.

In early 2017, Dun & Bradstreet and Forbes Insights surveyed more than 300 executives across a broad range of industries. Our study examined the trends in analytics, the usage of data in multiple departments, and the need for investment in the future. To say I was excited when I saw the results would be an understatement. Within this report, you will see how analytics has truly entered the mainstream. However, much more diligence and discipline is required to stay competitive.