Accounting & Tax

Achieving True Tax and Compliance Efficiency

The indirect tax function encompasses planning, compliance, and audit defense.
These are all very manual processes — especially the compliance aspect of the task
— that can be performed more efficiently and accurately with the help of automation.

But simply automating poor processes is never a winning strategy, and that applies
to tax and risk compliance. Even emerging technologies such as robotic process
automation (RPA), advanced analytics, and other automation solutions cannot reach
their full potential without a solid foundation of efficiency.

To further complicate matters, tax and compliance regulations are never stagnant.
From the Wayfair ruling to VAT compliance, the CFO responsible for compliance and
risk management has many things to consider when making decisions.

This eBook will cover the ongoing challenges of transforming the tax and compliance
functions, the best practices for transforming the processes, and the role of the CFO.

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