Lease Accounting

Lease Accounting in the Age of COVID-19

In a recent survey of more than 700 Visual Lease clients in diverse industries including banking, business services, electronics, aerospace and defense, and construction, nearly a third (29%) said that their leased real estate properties were 76% to 100% unoccupied. That’s a lot of property sitting unused and costing businesses a lot of money.

Add to that the cost of all the leased equipment sitting unused while business is scaled back and/or while employees work from home, and the financial impact is significant.

This ebook addresses these issues by providing information and resources that will help companies of all sizes and industries:

  • Realize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on real estate and equipment lease responsibilities
  • Anticipate and prepare for ways any changes to leases or payments may affect lease accounting
  • Understand the importance of using a technology solution for auditing and managing lease data