New York, NY, June 6, 2002—What do Alan Greenspan, Vladimir Putin, the Bank of China, European Union Commissioner Mario Monti, Shanghai Mayor Chen Liangyu, the World Trade Organization, BP Amoco’s Sir John Browne, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah, and Commercial Paper have in common? They’ve all been named to CFO magazine’s first annual “Global 100,” a listing of the top influencers in the world of corporate finance.

Based on input from top executives, consultants, and academics, CFO’s June issue identifies the people, institutions, and trends that have the greatest impact on the decisions of finance officers worldwide (please see attached Global 100 Index).

In addition to such notable Americans as New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso, SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt, General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, and American International Group Chairman Maurice Greenberg, the list includes some less-familiar names, like Mary Keegan (chairman of the U.K. Accounting Standards Board), Richard Humphry (Managing Director of the Australian Stock Exchange), and Frits Bolkestein (Commissioner, International Market, Taxation and Customs Union). Also making the list are powerful issues, including global terrorism, bribery and corruption.

“Gauging influence is obviously a subjective exercise,” says CFO’s Editor-in-Chief Julia Homer. “But the Global 100 offers a kind of crib sheet to the people and organizations that pull the levers in corporate finance.”

The list is segmented by category, ranging from economic statesmen to bankers and thought leaders. In addition, the June issue also recognizes the people, trends, and issues that most influence information technology in a section titled, “The Tech 20.” Among the IT leaders featured are Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and HP’s Carly Fiorina and Walter Hewlett.

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