NEW YORK, NY – Results from the recently released Intelliquest CIMS Business Study V8.0 indicate CFO magazine as number one against all 85 publications measured when it comes to composition of C-level executives and top management. With more than three times the composition of C-level executives than any business publication, CFO comprises the most key decision-makers involved in “big picture” technology strategies.

The study also reveals CFO leading Fortune and Forbes for the first time in coverage of C-level executives. According to the survey, CFO delivers the highest composition in top management at companies with more than 10 million dollars in annual sales revenue. Business Week, Fortune and Forbes comprise only 30% combined.

CFO also leads major business and IT publications in composition of C-level executives involved in IT decision-making, including determining the need, evaluating, recommending and authorizing the purchases of IT products and services. The purchase influence extends across a wide array of products and services such as computer systems, software, networking, telecommunications and IT services.

CFO continues to rank number one in reader loyalty against all major business publications, demonstrating a higher composition of executives (39%) who read 4 out of 4 issues against any major business publication. The study also reveals that CFO leads with subscribers who read all or most pages in an issue.

The Intelliquest CIMS Business Study questionnaire survey was mailed to 21,171 business purchase influencers, generating a 41% response rate. For more information on the results from this study, contact Rachel King, CFO Promotions Manager, at (212) 541-0599.

CFO is published by CFO Publishing and is a member of The Economist Group. With a rate base of 450,000 and a readership of more than one million each month, CFO reaches the highest ranking executives of the largest companies in America. CFO is also published worldwide, covering the global market with CFO Europe and CFO Asia