Square-Off: Is Amazon Good for Business?

Amazon is cool, right? Who wants to spend hours holiday shopping in a mall? For that matter, who wants to sift through a bunch of different websites when you can get everything you want from just one? Either way, who wants to pay more for the privilege of not buying through Amazon? Rhetorical questions all? Maybe. But before you get back to your gift list, here are some other questions to consider: Do you know anyone whose job or business got trampled by the raging online behemoth? What m ..

The report, “Executive’s guide to IT innovation in small businesses,” was published this month. For IT issues, the guide suggests a risk management approach that includes classifying potential risks into categories, assessing the likelihood of occurrence for each risk, and mitigating risks, which includes tracking past and current risk assessment and mitigation.

The guide also suggests creating a “risk register” that describes the risk categories and typical risk mitigation measures. The register would also include a list of risk assessments, allowing for a quick overview of completed, archived or in-progress risk management tasks.

The IT risk assessment is on page 22 of the report. Here is the link to the report (free registration may be required).

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