In a complaint filed before a California court, Chesa Boudin, District Attorney for San Francisco, alleged DoorDash was in violation of the state law, which forbids companies from classifying employees as independent contractors.

A California law that requires firms to label gig-workers as employees instead of contractors, and mandates that they pay local, state, and federal taxes accordingly, came into force in January 2020.

DoorDash is being accused of “unlawful, unfair, or fraudulent business acts” by California’s attorney general for not adhering to the law.

Attorney General Boudin said, “I assure you this is just the first step among many to fight for worker safety and equal enforcement of the law,” as reported by Misson Local, a bilingual news portal.

In an email to Business Insider, a DoorDash spokesperson said, “We will fight to continue providing [DoorDash workers] the flexible earning opportunities they say they want in these challenging times.”

The spokesperson claimed the court case was an effort to “disrupt essential services.”

Last week the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California had classified drivers for Uber and Lyft as employees under the same law.

DoorDash, along with Uber, Lyft, and Instacart teamed up last year to try to campaign against the California law dubbed AB5.

According to Business Insider, in a lawsuit filed in April, Uber and Lyft drivers are claiming back wages of $630 million.

Last year in a ruling called the Dynamex decision, California’s Supreme Court laid down three points to determine whether a worker should be classified as an employee.

The San Francisco lawsuit contends that DoorDash willingly misclassified employees to reduce business costs.

DoorDash filed to go public in late February.

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2 responses to “DoorDash Sued for Flouting Gig-Worker Law”

  1. It’s obvious that this has nothing to do with workers and everything to do with the government getting more money from doordash. Doordash is the only company that has supported my family through thick and thin. I hope doordash wins this for the sake of families who need this. Plus doordash is strenuous work. My people don’t or can not work very long hours. It’s a great side job and it help you pay bills if you, for example, get fired. Or during pandemics etcs. Many children will suffer if they make doordash an employee job! Where you can get fired! Or work hours become restricted and out of the workers control. One week I might work 3days then I might not work for weeks. And just because you are available to work doesn’t mean you will make a lot of money there are some many factors. Doordash is for the people with diverse lifestyles. And help people who can only commit alittle.

  2. I would like for someone to contact me, if possible. I was hit head on by a drunk driver while delivering for Door Dash. I initially applied with doordash through a post that I found on Craigslist and was completely unaware that I was a 1099 employee, until I received my firm payment and realized that taxes had not been withheld. There was no notification at the time of my background check completion and I was not redirected to the Doordash web site to complete any type of orientation. When the accident occurred, I was making a delivery. I’m left with a remaining balance on my vehicle. DoorDash has not provided any assistance with my medical bills, and my contract was terminated at the beginning of August because I dared to contact dasher customer service to find out why all of the delivery orders that I was receiving did not include a tip. In three months, I put 15,000 miles on the car that I’m borrowing and a typical payment from door dash for a 13 mile dash was approximately 3 to 4 dollars, no tip. That type of order was all together too common.

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