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Executive compensation packages often include perquisites that can go unnoticed by investors. But how much are perks really worth?
CFO StaffFebruary 7, 2017

Airplane departure entrance with red carpetExecutive compensation packages often include perquisites, or perks, so companies can attract top executive talent. From flights in private jets to sporting-event tickets, executive privileges—which can go unnoticed by investors—really add up. Take our quiz to find out how much executive perks are actually worth.

1. In 2015, what were the most common perks offered to named executives from Fortune 100 companies?
A. Insurance premiums
B. Corporate cars
C. Plan-based contributions (post-retirement or equity ownership)
D. Professional services

2. What percentage of CEOs received corporate aircraft perks in fiscal year 2015?
A. 38.5%
B. 22.3%
C. 51.7%
D. 12.2%

3. Dropping to its lowest level in three years, what was the median value of a CEO aircraft perk in 2015?
A. $80,323
B. $105,709
C. $72,449
D. $95,127

4. Executive perks cover a variety of benefits, from health-care premiums to severance packages. Which of these was offered as compensation to executives in 2015?
A. Personal and home security perks
B. Flexible cash perks
C. Perks covering charitable donations
D. All of the above

5. Including the use of a private car, optional driver, parking costs, and mileage reimbursement, what was the median value of automotive perks for CEOs in 2015?
A. $20,981
B. $13,764
C. $17,809
D. $25,902

6. The median value of automotive perks for CEOs increased year-over-year in 2015, but the number of executives receiving them declined. What percentage of CEOs earned such perks in 2015?
A. 44.3%
B. 34.6%
C. 59.2%
D. 21.6%

7. Thirty-seven percent of CEOs received professional services perks in 2015, including financial counseling, tax planning and preparation, and legal aid. What was the median value of such services?
A. $11,443
B. $17,040
C. $9,589
D. $14,400

Note: CEO statistics are from S&P 500 companies
Source: Equilar

Answers: 1–C; 2–A; 3–D; 4–D; 5–A; 6–B; 7–D