How to Turn Off Your Customers

A survey reveals the worst practices of sales reps.
CFO StaffJune 1, 2010

Looking to help your company reinvigorate sales? It may be helpful to learn what your sales reps should not do. In a survey of more than 1,200 companies in the United States and Europe, McKinsey & Co. sought to learn which sales-rep practices are most destructive to B2B company-customer relationships. The traits most criticized by customers include:

• Too much contact: 35%

• Lack of knowledge about their own or competitors’ products/services: 20%

• Lack of industry knowledge about usefulness of product/service to
customer: 9%

• Sales style is too aggressive: 8%

• Customer forgotten/ignored after sale: 8%

• Other: 20%

NOTE: “Other” includes inconsistent sales teams, slow response, too little contact, and no single point of contact, among other complaints.

Source: McKinsey & Co.