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Big Bucks for Big-company Finance Chiefs

What the CFOs of Citigroup, Golden West Financial, Wyeth, Harrah's, and Coca-Cola took home last year.
Stephen TaubMarch 15, 2006

Sallie Krawcheck, chief financial officer of Citigroup Inc., earned nearly $10 million last year, including a bonus of $5.3 million, restricted stock and deferred stock awards totaling $4.3 million, and a salary of $500,000. In a detailed table of perks — which will be required if the Securities and Exchange Commission proceeds with its sweeping proposals on compensation disclosure — Citigroup also noted that Krawcheck received nearly $38,000 in “other compensation,” mostly in “transportation” benefits.

Russell Kettell, the president, CFO, and treasurer of Golden West Financial Corp., took home more than $5.2 million. Although he received no bonus to accompany his salary of roughly $813,000, he netted more than $4.2 million from exercising stock options.

Kenneth Martin, executive vice president and CFO of Wyeth, earned about $2 million, including a salary of $715,000, a bonus of a little more than $1 million, and about $362,000 in long-term incentive plan payouts.

Charles Atwood, CFO of Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., took home about $8.3 million, including a $1.7 million bonus and nearly $5.7 million from exercising stock options.

Gary Fayard, executive vice president and chief financial officer of The Coca Cola Co., earned $2.3 million, including a salary of $566,475 and a bonus of $1.6 million.

Several major companies, including Altria Group Inc. and Mellon Financial Corp., didn’t name a finance executive in this section of their proxies because that individual wasn’t among the five highest-earning executives. Under the SEC proposal, however, the chief financial officer must be included wherever he or she stands in the compensation pecking order.