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How much do you know about tropical storm systems and their human and financial costs?
CFO StaffOctober 4, 2017

17Oct_QuizEven before the autumnal equinox, 2017 hurricane season was shaping up to be one of the most ruinous of the past two decades. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria each reached the intensity of a Category 5 storm at some point. How much do you know about tropical storm systems and their human and financial costs? Take our quiz to find out.

1. What is the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, prior to the 2017 season, based on property insured losses?
A. Hurricane Katrina
B. Hurricane Andrew
C. Hurricane Sandy
D. Hurricane Wilma

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2. What were the estimated insured losses (property coverage only) for Hurricane Katrina, in 2016 dollars?
A. $65 billion
B. $49 billion
C. $103 billion
D. $78 billion

3. From 1997 through 2016, which year’s hurricane season caused the most deaths in the United States, with more than 1,500?
A. 2004
B. 2012
C. 2005
D. 1999

4. In 2004, 3 of the 10 costliest hurricanes in U.S. history hit the country. What were their names?
A. Frances, Hugo, Rita
B. Wilma, Ivan, Rita
C. Ike, Andrew, Katrina
D. Charley, Ivan, Frances

5. What percentage of the residential flood damage in Texas and Louisiana from Hurricane Harvey was estimated to be uninsured (as of August 31)?
A. 30%
B. 55%
C. 70%
D. 82%

6. In early September 2017, Hurricane Irma struck Barbuda, St. Martin, and Anguilla. It was the strongest hurricane to hit the Caribbean since which storm in 1992?
A. Hurricane Ike
B. Hurricane Hugo
C. Hurricane Andrew
D. Hurricane Charley

7. What was the estimated value of insured coastal properties (commercial and residential) vulnerable to hurricanes in the state of Florida, as of 2015?
A. $1.2 trillion
B. $3.2 trillion
C. $800 billion
D. $290 billion

Source: Insurance Information Institute

Answers: 1–A; 2–B; 3–C; 4–D; 5–C; 6–C; 7–B